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The active working environment for health and focus

David Menkveld - January 19th 2016

While 2015 was marked by the Quantified Workplace and the emergence of the ability to measure personal health accomplishments with wearable ...


The hotelling future of the office

- January 19th 2016

Multi-tenant offices, branded offices, and collaborative workspaces are on the rise. The new preferences of end users and new self-aware ...


Real estate for exponential organizations

Harold Coenders - January 19th 2016

The business term for 2015 was ‘disruption’. The disruptive power of exponentially growing organizations will continue to determine the ...

Agility, Work and the Quantified Self

Project Report I

Dr Phoebe Moore - September 11th 2015

Lead social scientist Dr Moore with Dr Piwek and Dr Roper are three academic researchers in the United Kingdom who are interested to find ...

Power of productivity

Transition form The New Way of Working to Working Productively

Harold Coenders - June 16th 2015

Companies scramble to reduce costs as their first reflex during economic downturns. Many multinationals have managed to salvage their ...

Colliers and Quantified Workplace

Practise what you preach

Harold Coenders - June 12th 2015

We at Colliers International Corporate Solutions are convinced that the development of the Quantified Workplace will change labour ...

First experiences

Colliers Quantified Workplace experiment

JanJaap Boogaard - June 4th 2015

The experiment has now been running for four months, and a number of initial experiences have been recorded. Time to ask some of the ...

People Analytics

Quantified Workplace op Twitter

David Menkveld - May 31st 2015

Basically, the Quantified Workplace (QWP) is the application of currently existing technologies coupled with the contemporary needs of ...

Ownership and trust

A Colliers experiment participant

JanJaap Boogaard - May 30th 2015

“Ever since I’ve been wearing the Fitbit, people ask me, ‘what’s that tracking device on your wrist?’ It ...

The sharing economy of real estate and collaborative workplaces

From "location, location, location" to "location, brands and service"

Marjon van Bree - May 30th 2015

What determines both the supply and demand of business accommodation? The answer to this question used to be simple: “location, ...

Dashboard in practice

Quantified Workplace

Harold Coenders - May 28th 2015

Forty Colliers employees from different departments and in different stages of life are participating in the experiment, all on a voluntary ...

The Quantified Self Movement

From individual performance to collective growth

David Menkveld - May 22nd 2015

New flexible working practices have allowed employees greater discretion in how they plan their working day. At the same time, employees ...

High performance (net)work

From individual performance to collective growth

David Menkveld - May 19th 2015

The focus on the QWP is not only on the individual’s wellbeing. After all, the domain of the workplace includes many individuals of ...


Quantified Workplace

Colliers International Corporate Solutions - May 14th 2015

Quantified Workplace is all about increasing the productivity of employees and the working environment by providing real-time and ...