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Dashboard Colliers International 27.05.2015Dashboard Colliers International 27.05.2015Dashboard Colliers International 27.05.2015

May 27th 2015

Weekly update Organisation Dashboard

Colliers International

The Quantified Workplace experiment gives insight in the optimal balance between well-being, productivity, stress and activity (steps taken) within the Colliers organization.

Each day different parameters are measured: activity, well-being, stress, productivity, billability and screentime. By measuring these parameters Colliers is able to create live insight in for example productivity and stress level of the organization. This enables Colliers to explore trends and connections between parameters and optimize the balance.  

The graphics on the left part of the website show the average scores on the parameters during May.


Most important trends May

Productivity vs Stress

The first results show that productivity and stress are related. Productivity and stress are significant lower on the 6th of May and the 27th of April. This probably has to do with public holidays. Interesting finding is that stress and productivity strongly increase after public holidays.

Activity vs Stress

When we look to the relation between activity and stress we found that higher activity means lower stress. This is an interesting finding and could mean that activity during work is important for reducing stress. We need more data to find out whether this finding is significant.

Average well being

People at Colliers are most happy on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday is the least happy day of the week and also the least productive day. We need to find out whether there is a relationship between well being and productivity.



The summer is coming. This means holidays, rising temperatures and sunshine. Looking forward to the effect on mainly stress, well being and activity.