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Dr. Phoebe MooreDr. Phoebe MooreDr. Phoebe Moore

September 11th 2015, by Dr Phoebe Moore

Agility, Work and the Quantified Self

Project Report I

Lead social scientist Dr Moore with Dr Piwek and Dr Roper are three academic researchers in the United Kingdom who are interested to find out to what extent corporate experiments such as Colliers' Quantified Workplace project, promote workers' wellbeing and agility. We are working on a project we have called Agility, Work and the Quantified Self (AWQS) funded by the British Academy and the Leverhulme Foundation. We are setting out to look at the impact of Colliers’ experiment and attitudes towards it held by participating employees, managers and consultants of the project over the course of one year. We will identify how managers perceive the benefits for investing in employees in this way. We will also gain valuable information about how employees respond to such interventions. We plan to reflect on the diverse viewpoints we receive about the project from all participants including those involved in setting up and managing the project. The ultimate goal is to work towards evidence-based design model that other employers can use to implement wearable and self-tracking technologies into workplaces: a model that is most likely to be desirable for workers and management alike. Here you will see a report on our initial findings from our project.